Quickly launch iOS simulator and open simulator directory (iOS 7)

For iOS 8, go here.

As a developer we often need to get into our applications documents directory to see whats going on. It can be quite tiresome to locate this directory every time, specially because it is hidden! For those who do not know, the folder for simulator is located in your hidden ‘Library’ directory inside the home folder.

~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/

Here, you will find directories for different simulator versions you have run like 6.1, 7.1, 7.1-64 etc. Inside you need to navigate to the Applications directory and locate the application you are working with. Since the application directories do not use the application name as directory names, this can be a bit confusing. The easiest way is to just sort the folder by Date Modified. Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.06.51 pm Most commonly we create a shortcut or ‘alias’ and put it on the desktop. Although its much better than having to navigate to this folder every time, it’s still inconvenient at times navigate out of Xcode, go to desktop and open this directory. A much easier way for me is a shortcut I can run through spotlight. b19ff

You can use this link to download an executable file that will open the simulator folder.

Another thing we often need is to launch the iOS Simulator itself. For this we need to run Xcode, then find a project that will run a simulator and run the project. The simulator software too is hidden inside the Library directory and further more, it does not get listed in spotlight searches by default.

There is another little app that can help you launch the iOS simulator right from your spotlight without the need to open Xcode.



One thought on “Quickly launch iOS simulator and open simulator directory (iOS 7)

  1. […] you would be presented with a list of all the simulators you used. You can read more about it here. iOS 8 changed the directory hierarchy of the Simulator Devices and its Documents directories. […]

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